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Turkey Remains A Top Holiday Hotspot

Advice For FreedUp Travellers There

Turkey is a top holiday hotspot, according to tourism reports. It has a rich historical and cultural background and unspoilt beaches. It is sunny for over 6 months of the year. And in winter, there are always the ski resorts to go to.

So, what advice can I offer you if you are going to Turkey?

Do not assume that Turkey will be hot and sunny. We are told this (see above) but this is simply to lull you into a false sense of security so that you only equip yourself with light clothing, a pair of sandals and no raincoat. When the downpour starts, as it does most days you will have no protection.

Travel in Turkey’s capital is easy, if you have nerves of finest steel. The taxi drivers have only two speeds 100 mph and BRAKE! And there are unlikely to be seat belts that you can use. The best you can do is cling to the handle above the window.

Learn a little Turkish. You won’t need much. A little goes a long way. I tried “Thank you very much”  “Teşekkűr ederim”, pronounced  ‘teshkweredereem’ or something similar. It made people smile when I used it (in fact, the cleaner nearly collapsed laughing when I first tried it), although I am a little concerned that I may be putting the emphasis in the wrong place and I am actually telling people, “I am leaving you all my money when I die”.

Maybe that will do for a first lesson.

Saving Energy 

Here is my new tried and tested TIME- AND ENERGY-SAVING method. (I’m all for saving time and energy, especially when the pubs are open!)

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Listen to the weather forecast (or watch it of course), then do your washing. Decide to save energy by line drying your washing.

2. Ignore any report of rain (they are never right anyway) and hang your washing out. That lovely force 9 gale blowing will dry your washing in no time! No dryer energy bills there!

3. Watch the rain pouring down on your washing. It can’t last for ever – can it?

4. Wait another two days while the rain continues to pour down. Get a phone call from your neighbor to check you are still alive because your washing is STILL out.

5. Bring the washing in after another force 9 gale has dried it.

6. Decide you had better iron the washing but – oh happy days! It’s been out in the rain so long that there are no longer any creases in it! So you SAVE TIME AND ENERGY by not having to iron AND you use less electricity by not using your dryer. Of course, you weren’t able to wear your new favorite jumper for 3 days but that’s a minor point.

7. Celebrate how much money you’ve just saved by going down to the pub. (You’ll be using their heating, so even more money saved!).

Feel free to use these handy tips for your own benefit – you know it makes sense!