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How To Make Money

Niels Steeman

Great Way To Make Money

I just had to share this. I have found a great new way to make money. My friends are always wondering how to get more greenbacks, especially if no actual work is involved!

A foreign gentleman phoned me at lunchtime to say that he was ringing from the health service, to help me get compensation for an accident I, or someone else in my household, had had within the last five years. Interesting. My last accident was breaking a nail when opening a bottle of wine, but I don’t remember claiming for it on insurance. I must be getting old and doddery! I just let him keep talking and eventually gave him some details of what might be an accident. I eventually got tired of this and said I had to go out and then hung up.

Later that day, another foreign gentleman phoned about the same incident. He wanted more details in order to send me the cheque for the large amount of money to which the member of my household was entitled. I rambled on about Charlie getting whiplash from a car accident when someone drove into the back of my car, though we didn’t go to the Emergency room.

‘Ah,’ said the foreign gentleman, ‘then it was up the backside, was it?’

I had to cover the phone at that point while I stifled a laugh which turned into a cough.

‘Well,” I said, wiping my eyes “I suppose you could say that.”

‘Oh’, said the foreign gentleman, ‘Charlie will be so happy when he gets the cheque for all this money for someone going up his backside, isn’t he?

”Yes’, I said again, in a rather strangled voice. “He definitely will be!”

I just hope there’s no such address as 2351 Song Road, Berbly (Yes, Berbly!).

I must get Charlie’s mobile off him in case they ring him to check the story’s true! His purring might show how pleased he is.

Charlie is my CAT!