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They Call It FUN? 

ADVICE for those who enjoy some form of EXERCISE – you may just spoil other people’s enjoyment of their pub lunch with friends. And at the bottom – a WARNING and more ADVICE!

Let me set this scene for you.

On going to a nearby pub you find there’s a local Fun Run (contradiction in terms, if ever I heard one) being held and your favorite pub is the start and finish (no it’s not a pub crawl).

I suppose they didn’t want to choke the local roads but they sent The Fun Runners off in staggered starts (If it had been me, I would just have staggered to the start and then promptly finished). Some of them were even back before the meal was over (just thinking about it wears me out ).

Now, you are welcome to take exercise if you really want to (though I do ask myself ‘why??’) but do think about what you’re wearing, especially the view from the rear …. I almost choked on my chicken slices and potato salad when I looked up from my plate. There, right in front of me, so to speak, was the rear view of a woman standing very close to our table. She was wearing a pair of black leggings/jeggings/joggings/loggings (whatever they’re called) which were not quite as opaque as she perhaps imagined. Or perhaps she DID know that!

She did have something on top of her (if you are wondering) and she was wearing black knickers underneath the jeggs … but she obviously had not thought about the rest of her bottom which was NOT covered by the knickers! It completely put me off ordering my favorite dessert of two scoops of ice cream! !

So, what is the WARNING? Exercise can harm other people!

And the More ADVICE? Don’t ask ‘Does my bum look big in this? ‘ Instead, ask ‘Does my bum show through in this? ‘